Sobo, Katamuki, and Okue - the mountains that bridge the prefectures of Miyazaki and Oita - are the highest and most imposing mountains on the island of Kyushu, giving the region beautiful valleys and other natural formations. The people here have always used these natural resources to live in harmony with nature. Even on a global scale, this way of life has been recognized as a valuable model for co-existing with nature, and in 2017, the area was designated as a biosphere reserve, also called a UNESCO Eco Park.

Access Information

Sobo-Katamuki-Okue Biosphere Reserve is made up of land from six cities in the prefectures of Miyazaki and Oita (Nobeoka City, Takachiho Town, and Hinokage Town in Miyzaki, and Saiki City, Bungo-Ono City, and Taketa City in Oita).
Access to Nobeoka City Center:
◆ By Car
From Miyazaki Airport - About 80 min. via Higashi-Kyushu Expressway
From Fukuoka City - About 210 min. via Kyushu Expressway and Oita Expressway
From Oita City - About 90 min. via Higashi-Kyushu Expressway
From Kumamoto City - About 150 min. via National Route 57 and National Route 325
◆By JR
From Hakata Station - About 240 min. by express train
From Miyazaki Station - About 60 min. by express train