Kirishima Geopark is located in the center of the Kirishima Mountain area, which spans the border with Kagoshima prefecture. It is renowned for its rich plant life and for its impressive scenery, both of which come from volcanic activity. It was certified as a Japanese geopark in 2010. The beautiful and expansive scenery is enhanced by active volcanoes, and it is a great spot to enjoy mountain climbing, trekking, hot springs, and even tours by volunteer guides.

Access Information

Kirishima Geopark spans cities in two prefectures, Miyazaki (Miyakonojo City, Kobayashi City, Ebino City, and Takaharu Town) and Kagoshima (Kirishima City, Soo City, and Yusui Town).
Access to Ebino Plateau:
◆ By Car
From Fukuoka City - About 160 min. via Miyazaki Expressway
From Kumamoto City - About 80 min. via Miyazaki Expressway
From Miyazaki City - About 60 min. via Miyazaki Expressway
From Kagoshima City - About 50 min. via Kyushu Expressway
◆ By Bus
From Hakata Station - About 180 min. to Ebino Interchange
From Kagoshima Airport - About 35 min. to Ebino Interchange
From Miyazaki Station - About 90 min. to Ebino Interchange