Surrounded by craggy mountains and forests, this environment is scarce in flat land. But since long ago, people have been utilizing the rich natural resources in their agricultural practices, even clearing the mountains to make aqueducts and terraced rice paddies. The traditions and knowledge of ancient people are still being carried on today. You can still experience the ancient music and dance ritual of Kagura, the Shinto practice of praying for safety and abundant harvests, as well as a rich variety of other traditional Japanese arts and farming traditions.

Access Information

Designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, the Takachiho-Shiibayama region is made up of five towns in the northwestern part of Miyazaki prefecture.
Access to Takachiho Town:
◆ By Car
From Fukuoka City - About 180 min. via Kumamoto Interchange, National Route 57, and National Route 325
From Miyazaki Airport - About 110 min. via Higashi-Kyushu Expressway and National Route 218
From Oita City - About 130 min. via Higashi-Kyushu Expressway
From Kumamoto City - About 100 min. via National Route 57
◆ From JR Stations
Hakata Station - About 210 min. by highway bus
Kumamoto Station - About 180 min. by express bus
Nobeoka Station - About 90 min. by bus services
Miyazaki Station - About 160 min. by highway bus